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Photographs 2013 -2022


When I photograph, distance is the key element, not between myself and what is In front of the camera, but time, time must unfold, making my mind fuzzy, forgetting what was in front of me until what lies before me is just—and so much more—a photograph. That is not to say that I’m not a victim of the sentimentality we are all victims to at times, but rather that I through the simple aspect of time can recontextualize the photograph as a photograph, an object, and not what it represents. Making for me is an act of translation, from word to image, from fact to essence, and from subject to object, until the photograph stands before me complete, unhindered, by both myself and its—in a lack of better words—worldly connections.

The photographs presented here are the result of sketches and visual notes, most of them are shot using a small format camera which I always carry around with me. This is a damage that i required during my study, and it has not left me up to this day. And even though my main techniques and materials might seem quite distantt from that of photography, the medium itself contains some of the basic visual questions that i utilize in all my questions. Photography, for me, becomes a way of thinking through, and sketching up every project that i undertake.

Bed, 2016

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