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Mount Everest  2013

"I watch into the wild, dreaming of letting it all go, to own nothing but what I have in a backpack, traveling to reach myself. I read on the road, dreaming of the great planes of the US, of being rootless and free, to see all I can see.


I watch Mount Everest, with no control over the view, I become a passive viewer of the image in front of me, the weather there being different then the weather around me. Instead of the great planes I watch an old man dying in Texas, preaching of hell and fury, how one should be careful, watchful of what ones does here, because it will haunt you into eternity.


I start collecting all the copies of The Castle by Franz Kafka, as I sketch the view of mount Everest, for all I can see, want to reach, but is unable to experience."


Untitled (Mount Everest) Was first shown at Vestlandsutstillingen 2013 where it was awarded the first prize--a solo-show at KABUSO Art Center--by an international jury consisting of Bernhard Østebø, Ingeborg Kvame, Lars Sture, Sarah Williams/ Jerwood Space London and Heidi Jaeger.



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