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Real World with Carl-Oskar Linné  2013

In 2012 a conversation between Marius Moldvær and Carl-Oskar Linné initiated what would end up as a one year travel and research project exploring places that for one reason or another we had problems to clearly define and understand as a place. The project was shown at the exhibition "Real World, or places that don't exist" at W37 Showroom in Stockholm on the 18th of October 2012 and a book consisting of photographs and texts made and written by Marius Moldvær and Carl-Oskar Linné.


"If you transcribe the birth dates and age of Carl-Oskar Linné and Marius Moldvær into coordinates, you will get a set of coordinates that either will place you in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, or just off the coast of Africa. This point is given significance by our action, as these coordinates had no meaning, before now. The numbers were a part of the geographical mapping system for the world. We can measure how deep the sea is, map the terrain of the seafloor and together with the coordinates it would give us complete topographical information of this area. But through the action of pinpointing our birthdates in the geographic coordinate system we create a set of cultural and personal reference points that will exist aside any prior significance the place had. A place does not exist until we create it, or rather place it within a system: A geographical position within a system of coordinates, x meters below or above sea level and so on. By creating a new context for this point in our atlas we can now understand and further misunderstand it."


Carl-Oskar Linné

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