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Agenda 2021 - 2023

Skjermbilde 2022-12-28 kl. 09.28.19.png
Skjermbilde 2022-12-28 kl. 09.32.25.png

Simone Romy Ritter in conversation with Pål Akerø

As a part of my teaching position at Oslo National Academy of the Arts I was in 2021 and parts of 2022 responsible for arranging the seminar days "Agenda" through the department of Arts and Crafts. Held three times each semester at Kunstnernes Hus the aim of Agenda is to highlight contemporary ideas and questions around craft, but also art and society in general. Agenda is an open series, for students, faculty and the public alike.

For my series of seminars i chose to have a very wide scope of what can and will concern the arts today, and also how we can create collaborations between researchers within different fields, literature and arts and crafts. The topics varied from Outsider Art, to the theme of nature as an artistic approach, but also research based through deforestation, city development and the climate crisis. An important part has also been to highlight, and bring forth new voices, as in the last Agenda of 2022 where the invited speakers all were connected to the romani and traveling culture.

To watch some of the Agendas you can visit the Archive, where my contributions are centered around 2021 and 2022.


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