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Textiles 2015 - 2017

I start by collecting objects, texts, and various other source materials. The place, or places where the objects are collected determines the objects available, in this manner the objects become site and/or cultural-specific, reflecting the current place, mentality, and time. Then, I find a suitable size and colored piece of felt and place the collected objects on it. I make small pockets on the felt, each pocket made to fit the object it will carry perfectly. So far, the collecting of the objects, the mounting on felt, and the order in which they are placed do not follow any specific theme or underlying logic; however, when the objects are placed within the frame of the felt the objects are seen as having some kind of interconnectedness and/or narrative between them. 

The felt-works become a way of telling and redefining stories; from the personal to the general, from history and art-history to popular culture. The emphasizes in the works are on the rejection of a set frame of values and linear understanding of narratives, where the mundane actions of the everyday are held in as much esteem as the extraordinary actions of certain individuals. The works are in a state of constant flux and development, changing with place and material, as the later works in raw wool and tapestry speaks of memory and bodily actions, together with the felt works they speak of both a bodily and a mental experience, constantly changing by material, place, and time. 

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