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Beginning in my Twenties was written as a creative non-fiction introduction to the ongoing project The Construction of Christopher McCandless in 2016:


I was in my early twenties, it was summer, and I was so young that when my phone broke, when the Internet was cut off, and the doorbell to the apartment building I was living in stopped working, I didn't bother to fix these things. In a very modern sense, I was completely cut off from the city I lived in, by my own choice and doing. If I wanted to see my friends I had to go to their houses to see if they were home or; if they weren’t, I would go to the park to read and wait for them to return. I borrowed Into the Wild from a friend, read it in the park, borrowed that same friend's car for three days and drove out to the countryside, slept under a green tarp and continued reading Into the Wild, preparing coffee over an open fire.




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