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Attempt For Prayer, Initiated and Curated By Ida Elevine Berge  2013

In recent weeks Marius has ben reminded by Elevine about prayer, about both the subject and nature of it. From prayer they naturally started discussing the concept of wishing. Marius threw out the statment «Attempt for prayer in 2013» to which Elevine responded with the question «What is the difference between prayer and an attempt for one`». Both the atempt and the prayer is as Marius sees it an escape inward only to end up somewhere else, as self-reflective, something beside yourself, or, as Marius has come to believe, a tool for understanding. One can see prayer as something to understand yourself with, something one can use to explaine once surroundings and to seek meaning within life. An atempt for prayer will therefor be an attempt for something beyond yourself to be understandabel, an attempt to understand using the abstract tool of prayer. At the same time a prayer is a question withoute a subject or answer, a pled for help spoken out into thin air. Taken away from the religiouse context where it is usually placed it does not loose all value and meaning, but rather gain the context of its immediate and personal surroundings. Then prayer becomes something spoken out into the comtemporary,, to history, society and to your imidiate surroundings and time, words besides yourself, words that can stand independently beside you and mark the age you are living.


Ida Elevine Berge

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