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Within my artistic practice I conduct my work as a solo artist, in duo- and group collaborations, as a writer, educator, and lecturer. Through the mediums of textile, photography, sculpture and text, and formats such as exhibitions, publications, lectures and teaching,  I draw out and separate different themes and ideas from their known context and place them within a new and unknown structure through my work, or, i translate the same ideas into new and unfamiliar forms and mediums, so as to create an alternative narrative structure through which you can view and understand them. This work can manifest itself as individual belief and religious systems translated onto large scale embroidery, handicraft techniques utilized to create a morphed bodily expression, or textile shapes together with photography that explores landscape and cultural and gender stereotypes. My works often manifests itself, and is presented, as spacial installations, textual work—both as traditional print and within an exhibition settings, and textile based wall works, where I through the last years have had a particular focus on textile techniques in relation to the theme of subjective storytelling.


Marius Moldvaer (b.1985, Aurland, Norway) holds a Master Degree in Critical Theory and Creative Research from The Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon, and a BFA from The National Academy of Art, Department of Photography, Bergen, Norway (now The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen). Moldvaer has exhibited at, among others, Kabuso, Øystese, Norway, Soft Gallery, Oslo, Norway, Palmera, Bergen, Norway, Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes, Norway, GAFFA, Sydney, Australia, Feldman Gallery, Portland OR., USA, and contributed with texts and essays to several artists and publication such as Billedkunst NO, KORO NO, The Plantation, Kunstform NO, Metode NO, and Bergen Art Book Fair. Moldvaer has also  taught and held lectures at among others Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Department of Art and Crafts, Ytre Art school, Oslo School of Photographic Art, Buskerud Art Center, and PaTaTa Photography Festival, Granada, Spain.

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