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Gruppe-11  2011

Gruppe 11 was initiated in May 2011, when 9 students from Bergen National Academy of the Arts received their BFA in Photography. Eager to maintain their affiliation as a group, they created the artist collective Gruppe 11. The group functions as a platform for making art through exhibitions, publications and live events


Founded in may 2011




The 9 members of Gruppe 11 are situated in various Scandinavian cities

Hedvig Biong (b. 1985)

Elias Björn (b. 1979)

Eivind Egeland (b. 1981)

Audar Kantun (b. 1985)

Carl-Oskar Linné (b. 1983)

Marius Moldvær (b. 1985)

Arne Pedersen (b. 1984)

Marthe Elise Stramrud (b. 1984)

Ellen Henriette Suhrke (b. 1984)




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