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26th of January at Rom for Kunst og Arkitektur! Launch of the online Magazine Metode with the theme " Deep Surface" run by ROM for kunst og arkitektur: Ingrid Halland (editor-in-chief), Gjertrud Steinsvåg (project leader), and the editorial board.

"During autumn 2022, thirteen Norwegian and international scholars, curators, artists, and architects have gathered at ROM for kunst og arkitektur; at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design; and online to discuss the status of the surface in our contemporary times as part of Metode’s first volume Deep Surface. The participants were selected after an Open Call for experimental essays draft. The invited participants share an ambitious and risky research attitude that creatively combines theory and artistic/architectural practice.

Led by Editor-in-Chief of Metode, Ingrid Halland, the group has engaged in an in-depth and transparent peer-review process with Metode’s Editorial Board and affiliated scholars. Through open-ended discussions, the group has explored the different symbolic, functional, and economic values of surfaces in the age of the Anthropocene. The key focus of the discussions has been, however, method; how do we think surfaces today, both with and through art and architecture?"


Benjamin Blackwell, Nick Walkley, Jakob Oredsson, Julie Barfod, Adam Hudec, Jenny Perlin, Severino Alfonso and Loukia Tsafoulia, Neda Genova, Beatrice Zaidenberg, and Andreas Ervik


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OUT NOW! Billedkunst #4 2022 with my interview with Morten Holmboe and Kjersti Løken Stavrum «La den rette komme til: om ytringsfrihet og netthets» (Norwegian only) on the shift in public speech, freedom, and the laws surrounding it in a digital age.

Fuck B&W.jpg

Contribution to the publication "On Failure"

The publication "On Failure" is the last part of the project initiated, produced and curated by Ruth Aitken and James Lee as a part of their artistic, curatorial and research project F.U.C(&K). Within the publication diffferent artist respond visually to how they work with failure as a tool in their artistic practice.

Publication is available from Mondo Books at Tromsø Kunstforening



Ruth Aitken And James Lee F.U.C(&K)


OUT NOW! Billedkunst #3 2022 with my interview with Anine Kierulf « Barken, veden og ytringsfriheten» (Norwegian only) on freedom of speech within the arts, and more general in society as such.

Skjermbilde 2022-12-27 kl. 19.00.53.png

PODCAST - Listen now!

On Failure is a podcast series initiated, produced and curated by Ruth Aitken and James Lee as a part of their artistic, curatorial and research project F.U.C(&K), where they interview different artist on their relations, ideas, and how they work with failure as a tool in their artistic practice.

Together with me there are contributions from Bianca Hisse, Anne Lindegaard Møller, Asta Marie Tutavae Iversen and Humle Rosenkvist, and Eleni Ieremia.

You can listen to the episodes free through Spotify:


On Failure - Marius Moldvær



Ruth Aitken And James Lee F.U.C(&K)

McCandless-fields SD.jpg

Two photographs from my photographic series "The Construction of Christopher McCandless" are included in the exhibition and annual festival of photography Oslo Negativ. Exhibited together with students and faculty from Oslo Fotokunstskole. The exhibition is open from the 23rd of September until the 16th of October in the former central library in Oslo.

Oslo Negativ

Skjermbilde 2022-12-27 kl. 19.32.37.png

OUT NOW! Billedkunst #2 2022 with my essay «Sjølvstende og fridom i ei fengslande verd» (Norwegian only) on what is it that makes possible an artistic career, who decides, and what influences outside the art, and making itself can and will dictate an artist's career.


I have the honor of being on the national stipend jury ​2021 and 2022 for the The Norwegian Association for Fine Art Photographers together with Hilde Honerud and Mariken Kramer. 

Forbundet Frie Fotografer


UP NOW - SPOR 2022 - Organized by Sunnfjord Kunstlag

«Eg trudde me var saman om/i dette»
(I thought we were in this together)
Cotton, leather and polyester
Varying dimensions

Curated and arranged by Sunnfjord Kunstlag at Førdehuset in Førde, Norway, presenting young artists with a connection to the former Sogn and Fjordane County. Open until the 3rd of April.


Sunnfjord Kunstlag



Supporter by Art Council Norway:


I have the pleasure, and the honor of being on the jury for Høstutstillingen 2022 and 2023 together with Stacy Brafield, Åsil Bøthun, Gelawesh Waledkhani, Apichaya Wanthiang and Maya Økland.

Statens kunstutstilling, Høstutstillingen is a juryed exhibition, by artists, with an open submission for any person living in Norway or with an affiliation to Norway, which has been arrange for over 130 years showcasing the width of contemporary art in Norway

Høstutstillingen 2022 will open on the 10th of september.



LAUNCH - BILLEDKUNST #4 2021 AND #1 2022

And within #4 you will find my essay "Huldrekall og Heksemester, Folketelljing på Bloksberg" on the gender inequality within the arts.

Information on the Launch party

Nikon D80-4.jpg

ON VIEW NOW - October 2021

"Heimkomst" is the 10 year anniversary exhibition of Gruppe-11 at Gyldenpris Kunsthall in Bergen. 

Gruppe 11 was initiated in May 2011, when 9 students from Bergen National Academy of the Arts received their BFA in Photography. Eager to maintain their affiliation as a group, they created the artist collective Gruppe 11. The group functions as a platform for making art through exhibitions, publications and live events.

Gruppe-11's web site

Skjermbilde 2022-06-01 kl. 22.36.17.png

OUT NOW - November 2021

My essay "Bytroll og Bygdedyr" on the difference of producing, living, and being an artist in the city versus the periphery is published in Billedkunst #3 2021, and now online, follow the link below (Only in Norwegian)

Billedkunst: Bytroll og Bygdedyr



My weaving Utan tittel (knyter meg knutar medan mellomgolvet hoppar) was bought by Buskerud DKS -and educational program touring middle and high schools within Viken county with visual art, theatre, concerts, workshops etc. - for a two year long tour presenting different works focusing on the body within visual art.

Skjermbilde 2022-06-01 kl. 22.18.54.png

OUT NOW - August 2021

My essay "Sinnet sitt Handlag" on the impact, and history of Outsider Art is published in Billedkunst #2 2021, and now online, follow the link below (Only in Norwegian)

Billedkunst: Sinnet sitt Handlag

Dear Joseph overview.jpg


My work "Dear Joseph I love what you've done with the place" is on view in the Group Show "Mønstring 2021" at Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum which brings together all members of the artist Artist Union in Sogn og Fjordane, and the members of the Craft Union of Western Norway.

The exhibition is on view from the 13th of March to the 25th of April

Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum


I have had the pleasure, together with the amazing Ylva Greni, to curate and organize the graduating show for the classes of 2020 from Oslo National Academy of Arts in the exhibition "På Ubestemt Tid."
And for the first time in the history of the school ALL the different departments will exhibit together, with no division between BA and MA in Design, BA and MA in Arts and Crafts, MA in Art in Public Space, BA in Clothing and Costume Design and BA Art Academy.

Over 60 individual artists will present their work in the old Simens Building, now a community centered house of culture, Startblokka, from the 4th to the 14th of June 2021! 

På Ubestemt Tid



I have the pleasure of being selected to participate in the 2020 AIR Green at Søndre Green gård through The Norwegian Association of Textile Artists. Søndre Green gård is owned and operated by Norwegian textile artist Kristin Lindberg, and is situated next to the lake Krøderfjorden in the municipality of Krødsherad in Norway.

The residency will begin on the 16th of August and last until the 17th of September with an open day on Sunday the 6th of september.




I had the pleasure of contributing a work to  the open air exhibition "Carrier" at Folkeparken in Tromsø, curated by the amazing André Enger Aas, James S Lee, Ruth Aitken & William Bentsen.

"Failure, Understanding, Care (& Kunst), presents an open-air exhibition with art works and interventions from 10 contemporary artists, considering the information we swim in, how we respond to it, and how it is carried through space and time. All works are made under the F.U.C.(& K) manifesto, and are based in Folkeparken, using The Arctic Agency For Environmental Research Methodologies & Artistic Practice caravan as an information hub. A ‘Klima & Kunst’ reference library will be present  within the caravan."


Failure, Understanding, Care & Kunst (webpage)

Failure, Understanding, Care & Kunst (FaceBook)

Skjermbilde 2020-06-20 kl. 08.09.55.png


I had the pleasure of contributing two texts for the 2020 second edition of Billedkunst: an interview with Ida Madsen Følling and Markus Li Stensrud on their project and exhibition "Et kollektivt kaosmos," and the essay "Utsikt Frå Sjukesenga" on the function of art and architecture in hospitals.



Interview with Ida Madsen Følling and Markus Li Stensrud

Skjermbilde 2020-06-20 kl. 08.10.39.png

I'm participating in the group exhibition Solbrända erfarenheter with work from members of The Norwegian Association of Textile Artists' (NTK) at both Soft Galleri and online in their brand new webshop. Go, see, and shop.

The exhibition is curated by John Raustein and includes work by Marit Helen Akslen, Runa Boger, Siren Elise Dversnes Dahle, Ane Vik Eines, Kristine Fornes, Hanne Friis, Brit H. Fuglevaag, Kristin Lindberg, Åse Ljones, Marianne Moe, Marius Moldvær, Klara Pousette, Hanna Roloff, Liilian Saksi, Anne Stabell, Kirsten-Marie Wagle, Tonje Høydahl Sørli, and Solveig Aalberg.



Skjermbilde 2020-06-20 kl. 08.08.22.png

Up and OUT Now!
I have had the pleasure of being the editor for the graduating classes' from BFA in Medium- and Material Based Art at Oslo National Academy of Art. Their graduate show this year, due to the pandemic, is in the form of a publication and website presenting the amazing work of these students' turned artists'.

Congratulation to Anders Hald, Sofia Nömm, Andreas Maynard Sjöblom, Berenice Janice Hernandez, Ebbe Arneberg, Gudmundur Helgi Arnarson, Solvor Fermann-Khalifeh, Erik Blomqvist, Renate Dahl, Pernilla Friberg, Magnus Vanebo, Joel Correia, Linéa Johanne Haftorsdottir, Mari Ulland, Linn Tenman, Katrine Rørbakken Lund, Maria Möhring, Sunniva Havstein, Åsa Polfjärd, Sally Nordström, Kari Kolltveit, Hampus Håkansson, Hanna Halsebakke 

AV GANG 2020

Skjermbilde 2020-03-19 kl. 06.45.20.png


From the 18th to the 20th of February I will take over the Instagram Account of the Norwegian Union for Camera based Art (Forbundet Frie Fotografer)


Forbundet Frie Fotografer

Excerpt from the first day of take over:


Snap 1-2-3-4

When I photograph, distance is the key element, not between myself and what is In front of the camera, but time, time must unfold, making my mind fuzzy, forgetting what was in front of me until what lies before me is just—and so much more—a photograph. That is not to say that I’m not a victim of the sentimentality we are all victims to at times, but rather that I through the simple aspect of time can recontextualize the photograph as a photograph, an object, and not what it represents. Making for me is an act of translation, from word to image, from fact to essence, and from subject to object, until the photograph stands before me complete, unhindered, by both myself and its—in a lack of better words—worldly connections. 

Skjermbilde 2020-03-19 kl. 07.32.36.png


In this years catalog for the Bergen Art Book Fair I had the pleasure to talk to performance and book artist Kurt Johannessen on his work as a whole and the making of books as an integral part of his artistic practice.

Excerpt from the Interview:

The writing Body, a conversation with Kurt Johannessen.


Through more than thirty years of performances and exhibitions, and what is soon to be one hundred and one publications, Kurt Johannessen has worked on and talked about subjects ranging from nature and culture, to the beginning of life itself. Often through minimalist and time-consuming performances and publications (both visual and written), Johannessen keeps us spellbound through his actions and words. In our conversation on the connection between his performances and publications, we touched upon subjects as varied as climate, football, literature and artistic actions.

Bergen Art Book Fair

Kurt Johannessen

Skjermbilde 2020-03-19 kl. 07.40.50.png

OUT NOW, for the 10 year anniversary of KunstForum I interviewed 36 artists on both the past, present, and future in the Norwegian arts. Interviewed artists are:

 Marianne Heier, Eline Mugaas, Ane Hjort Guttu, Elisabeth Haarr, Ahmed Umar, Lotte Konow Lund, Silje Linge Haaland, Karolin Tampere, Damla Kilrickian, Kjersti Vetterstad, Edith Lundebrekke, John Raustein, Dania Burger, Ellen Grieg, Aslaug Juliussen, Inger Blix Kvammen, Synnøve Persen, Heidi Bjørgan, Gunvor Nervold Antonsen, Shwan Dler Qaradaki, Thomas Østbye, Vanna Bowles, Anja Carr, Josefine Lyche, Vilde von Krogh, Anna Marie Sigmund Gudmundsdottir, Toril Johannessen, Geir Tore Holm & Søssa Jørgensen, Book & Hedén, Gabriel Johann Kvendseth, Nora Joung, Mercedes Mühleisen, Sille Storihle, Ruben Steinum.




At Joy Forum, opening on the 17th of October at 16:00, a duo exhibition together with Gard Andreas Frantzsen.

"Joy Forum is an independent gallery and exhibition space at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD) in Bergen. The gallery is located inside the institution, built as a separate unit in the reception area."

Joy forum




Supported by:

Skjermbilde 2019-10-03 kl. 06.39.33.png

Out Now!

My conversation with Marsil Andjelov Al-Mahamid in Billedkunst No. 4, supplementary issue for Høstutstillingen, on Al-Mahamid's heartfelt and historically pressing embroidery and social projects!

Online here:




I'm participating in the group show "Tekstile Tendenser" at Terminal B in Kirkenes which brings together textile artists  Norway and Russia that either lives or works with nthemes connected to the Barents region. The Exhibition will open in Kirkenes on the 14th of June and in September it will travel to Samisk senter for samtidskunst in Karasjok.

Terminal B

Samisk Senter for Samtidskunst




Supported by:


Out now! My contribution "Trolldomar og Fortrollingar" on how to make a magical object is out in print in Tidsskriftet Kunsthåndverk issue 2 "Kunst og Litteratur together with so many other interesting writings and visual work! Run, buy, Now!

"Me er til ein kvar tid omringa av gjenstandar, ting, verktøy, kvart minutt av kvar dag omringer me oss med gjenstandar der deira form og funksjon kan væra å forlenge kroppen der den ikkje strekker til—stige, saks, miksmaster—nokon for estetisk nytelse—skulpturar, smykker, maleri—og mentale utfordringar—spel, bøker, Rubiks kube. Me lev våre liv i tospann med gjenstandar, nokon gonger utan å tenkje over det—vår daglege interaksjon med ein gaffel—og nokon gonger smerteleg klar over deira tyding og tilhørighet til oss—vår sentimentale tilknytting til visse gjenstandar viss liv har lada dei med ei personleg meining for oss."

Tidsskriftet Kunsthåndverk





by Marius Moldvær

10th of May - 26th of May

10 - 12th Of May: RED

18 - 19th of May: Yellow

25 - 26th of May: Blue

Opening Hours:
Saturday and Sunday 1400-1800


Supported by:


Out now!

I am exited to be represented in the first edition of Vinduet 2019 with a photo essay from my project "The Construction of Christopher McCandless" (2013-2018). Vinduet is a Norwegian literary magazine founded by the publishing house Gyldendal, founded in 1947 it has since its first issue been an important contributor to the Norwegian literary arts field which continues in its present form with Maria Horvei as editor in chief.

Buy it wherever magazines and books are sold or visit their website and subscribe.



The Construction of Christopher McCandless


I'm participating in the 20th installment for the Museum of Longing and Failure at The Rooms in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Opening reception 8th of February 2019. The Museum of longing and failure is founded and operated by Andrew Taggart and Chloe Lewis

"The Museum of Longing and Failure (MOLAF) is a collecting entity with a focus on small-scale object-based works. The MOLAF takes shape through a sustained conversation with living artists and collectives, whose contributed sculptures form the basis of ongoing installations and interventions. Through presentation, production, and publishing, the MOLAF strives to constantly question its own structure, identity, and capacity to both support its collection and generate new forms."

The Museum of Longing and Failure


ON NOW!!!! My exhibition "You Have To Draw the Line Somewhere" at Gallery Soft, Oslo NO. The Show runs until the third of January when we will conclude the exhibition periode with and Artist Conversation between Kjersti Solbakken and me.

Gallery Soft, 3rd of January 18:00, come join the conversation.

Soft Gallery

The Exhibition is supported by: 

McCandless- Self Airplane2.jpg

In the Inaugural Issue of Collective Terrain you can read a larger portion of my research into Christopher McCandless and Into the Wild. Collective Terrain is a new online publication that explores the complicated relationship between man and land

« Collective Terrain is a new arts publication that forefronts works that embody an expressive approach to presenting the complicated relationship between humanity and land. We believe this relationship can be regenerative, exploitative, dismissive, thoughtful, fraught, neutral, nostalgic, and more.» 

Marius Moldvaer - Collective Terrain

Monochrome 2.jpg

I’m a part of the exhibition Mønstring 2018 at Sogn and Fjordane Kunstmuseum in Førde NO.

The exhibition invites every artist and craftsperson in Sogn and Fjordane to exhibit in the museum and showcases the current work of artists and craftspeople in the region.




Untitled (The Crystal believed sleep of St. Aloysius Gonzaga)

Hand felted wool, rose quartz

120 x 70 cm


Sogn and Fjordane Kunstmuseum


Norske Kunsthåndverkere Vest-Norge

Sollys og Sjølvmord, KunstForum no. 2 2018

My essay Sollys og Sjølvmord, on the western Norwegian landscape through the writings of the poet Per Sivle and the painter Lars Hertervig in the current Kunstforum (only in Norwegian thus far) do some reading on where you are and what you walk on and in this summer, buy Kunstforum!


P.S: While you're browsing through the Art Magazines, look up the previous edition of Kunstforum and my interview with Ingrid Lønningdal

Essay and photographs for the Norwegian Journal Objektiv

My essay Neither One or the Other, Nor Subject or Object and some images from my project The Construction of Christopher McCandless has been included in the new edition of Objektiv, get online and read it here


Objektiv, Neither One or the Other, Nor Subject or Object 

Supported By



Together with Carl-Oskar Linné, I will be conducting a research trip through the northern part of Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The projects working tittle is «Borders and Crossing them» where, as the tittle might suggest, we will be researching how the borders and close proximity to different countries and cultures impact politics, life, art, and culture in northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

The project is a sequel to a project called Real World that we made between 2010-2012. That project consisted of a book and a series of photographs and deal with well known places in the west that can be considered for example cultural, political or financial symbols rather than the physical sites being the most important factor. We visited and worked with sites such as Versailles, Gibraltar, The National Archive in Oslo, The World Fair in New York and the NATO headquarters in Brussels.


Carl-Oskar Linné 

Supported By


The Ocean Unseen / Handling til Havet

with Hedvig Biong and Marius Moldvær


Opening 3rd of March

Blokk Visningsrom

Lille Markveien 15


In the spring of 2008, while Hedvig Biong and Marius Moldvær were still students at the National Academy of Art in Bergen they sent the first pieces of what would seven years later be 700 artworks and make up the project The Ocean Unseen. Each work within The Ocean Unseen is a narrativ, and a result of experiences or observations that become parts in an ongoing dialog. The Ocean Unseen concerns how communication constantly oscillates between intimacy and distance and how the idea of knowing and understanding something in its completeness is a project doomed to fail. The Ocean Unseen also explores how the things that are documented are remembered and stand as important road markers for the future solely because they are documented. Through this exploration and continuous work The Ocean Unseen questions what are, and constitutes the major events and memorable moments, and through this The Ocean Unseen becomes a worldview where the everyday logic and narratives are challenged, shifted and broken

Blokk Visningsrom

Hedvig Biong

Opening of Barents Spektakel 2017 08.02 -12.02 2017


"The Industrial Boomerang"

My project from the residency with Pikene på Broen will be presented during the Barents Spektakel from 08.02-12.02.2017 in Kirkenes Norway, it will be three days filled with art, music, culture, and discussions by the Barents sea, a must see for all.

Pikene på Broen

Barents Spektakel 


Supported By

Gruppe 11 will participate in The Nordic Anthology Series at Fotogalleriet in Oslo in February 2017 


In the project «Curatorium» Gruppe 11 wishes to continue their collaborative effort to further and challenge the way in which artist groups work together by inviting nine curators that each will function as a proxy or doppelgänger for one of the groups members and decide between themselves as a group the theme and works for the upcoming show in the Nordic Anthology Platform at Fotogalleriet in February 2017. All communication concerning the exhibition will be between the nine curators, where the members are not allowed to talk between themselves on the shape, theme, or general outline of the exhibition.


Opening 09.09.2017 1900 - 2200


Show open from 10.02.2017 - 21.02.2017


Gruppe 11



Show is closed but documentation is available here


I have been selected to participate at the 129th Høstutstillingen / Statens Kunstutstilling with the work "Untittled (Wall-Hanging #2)"

Opening at Kunstnernes Hus Oslo, Norway 9th of September.




Supported By


I will be in residency at the Good Karma Farm in Belfast Maine for three weeks in September, working with multi media artist Olivia O'Dwyer on every aspect of the textile art.

Good Karma Farm

Olivia O'Dwyer


Supported By


I have been invited by Pikene på Broen to participate at Barents Spektaklet 2017 begining with a one week research/Study trip to Kirkenes, Nikkel and Murmansk in August 2016.

Pikene på Broen

Barents Spektakel 



The residency periode is concluded but you can read about it, and view images about the stay here:



Supported By:



I will be holding a lecture on my project "The Construction of Christopher McCandless" and my theoretical framing of Into the Wild entitled "A Death Like Any Other" at the Pa-Ta-Ta Festival in Granada Spain on the 18th of June in colaboration with EL LABORATORIO  and artists Hedvig Biong and Pablo Castilla 

Pa-Ta-Ta Festiva



Supported By





The lecture and the Pa-Ta-Ta festival has ended but you can listen to the whole lecture here



Those things I told you in twilight that amazed us both


Curated by Luisa Tresca


SLOT Window Gallery

Sunday April 24 - Saturday May 28

38 Botany Rd, Alexandria, NSW 2015




Show is closed but documentation is available here

Supported By:






with Richard Alexandersson, Marius Moldvaer, Eline Mugaas, and Anne Lise Stenseth


Curated by Kjersti Solbakken


Fotogalleriet Oslo

11.03.2016 - 24.04.2016

Møllergata 34N-

0179 Oslo




Show is  closed but documentation is avalibale here

Supported By:



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