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The hand that touch the cradle is the hand that rules the world Contribution to Submit Magazine (Portland, OR) 2014


A masked logo, black against an orange background, a grid, displaying individual photographs. The first: “me.” The photograph immediately next to me is one of a torso in a mirror. The light is green, coloring his skin. He is also the one who is closest to me in actual physical distance: 440 feet away, 33, married.  He´s a Daddy type, a discreet sub guy who loves to bottom for dominant guys. Smiley face for poppers. Next to him is another torso, a tighter crop, a small part of the phone is visible on the right side, and it’s either an I-Phone or a kind of Android. The next three photos are faces; all have beards and smiles. The further I go through the photographs the farther away they are. “Sugar rush” is 1213 feet away. “Andres” is 2102 feet away. A redheaded man with butterfly tattoos is 3257 feet away. “Matt” has a photograph together with a friend that is sitting on his back, online 47 minutes ago, 24 years old. I can message any of them. As distance decreases, I can block the average man with glasses, flag “Israel” as interesting, and star them as favorites. I can keep scrolling like this for quite some time. Jock, Nerd, Latino, Average, Sub, Top, Star, Ignore, Message, Ignore etc.  -Marius Moldvaer




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