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The Shape of things to Come Contribution to the Plantation Journal 3: SCULPTURAL LANDSCAPE


The Plantation is an art initiative and project space showcasing explorations within the curatorial and photographic fields of the contemporary arts. We curate exhibitions, publications and events. The Plantation was founded in London in 2012 By Ida Elevine Berge and Trine Stephensen. 




In the projects in The Plantation: Sculptural Landscape the force is not directed towards the medium of photography as such, but towards the physical landscape the artists are in. Through this action, the projects presented here become landscapes that disappear and reappear in different forms, they become continuing mediations of landscapes that are both familiar and unfamiliar to us. This action towards the landscape manifests itself through different techniques in the projects; through abstraction, juxtaposing the near and the distant, infusing tactility, and a “going-out" to landscapes that to them, as well as us, are unknown and sculpt—or manipulate—them into landscapes that are personal, cultural, aesthetic, and physical. What you hold in your hands are landscapes mediated through photography, an active sculpting from the raw material of their surroundings, these artists show us a landscape yet to come, a landscape that is private and subjective, cultural and objective, physical and ephemeral, all at once. - Marius Moldvær




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