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Textiles 2020 - 2022


The textile works from 2020 to 2022 are collected from different experiments, residencies and commissions as the one from 2018 - 2020. But, in this periode there has been a greater emphasize on the sculptural elements, where the body also has come very strongly into focus. The body is stylized where the different elements that make up our body, from internal to external, are rearranged, sometimes taken out of their context completely to show this threshold between the beautiful and the ugly. Our body is something that we depend on, that we sometimes love, and sometimes hate, is there in sickness and health, but our attitude toward it then changes drastically, this is also true in different ages, social groups, and in different cultural contexts.


Image 1 - 5: My weaving Utan tittel (knyter meg knutar medan mellomgolvet hoppar) was bought by Buskerud DKS -and educational program touring middle and high schools within Viken county with visual art, theatre, concerts, workshops etc. - for a two year long tour presenting different works focusing on the body within visual art and aimed at creating discussions concerning the body both as machine and vessel, both naturally and social. The other artist in the touring exhibition are Ingrid Eggen, Jennie Bringaker, Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen, and Lin Wang.

Den mulige Kroppen

Image 6 - 13: End, End, Intestine #2 and #3 were originally only material experimentations for the larger work that was produced for Buskerud DKS, but when working with them i got attached to them, and they had to be finished, and they are now, for me, a kind of intimate couple, banded together by, perhaps not the most sought after organ, but intimate none the less.

Image 14-18: Both Fjellskaparen (Makers of Mountain) and Untitled (ei(t) hand(legme) å halde (fast)i) are part of my more direct entanglement with the body, they attempt, sometimes naively to connect our body in a stylized way with age, culture, and landscape.

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