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The Ocean Unseen with Hedvig Biong  2008

Hedvig Biong and Marius Moldvær (born 1985 Norway) are both graduated from The Bergen national Academy of the Arts Department of Photography. Hedvig and Marius started their collaboration when they where students at the academy in 2008 and they have continued their collaboration as a part of their professional practice as visual artists. In the fall of 2010 Marius Moldvær sent a letter from Stockholm to Hedvig Biong in Bergen. The letter contained observations of everyday events and situations that took place around him while he was there. Later Hedvig responded to Marius' letter by sending him her own observations of the everyday events and situations that took place around her in Bergen. The conversation Between Hedvig and Marius has lasted for over 8 years, within Norway, Europe and around the world, the conversation consists of over 700 works that include photos, drawings, found objects, performances and text. As the conversation goes on it reflects upon time and space, the feeling of being a part of something, but at the same time how we are not; The conversation revolves around the places we never get to see and the things we're not able to experience, but at the same time we can get an idea of through the others persons accounts. The Ocean Unseen shows us that being a human is a state of constant change and acquisition of experiences.



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