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You have To Draw The Line Somewhere 2018/2019, Soft Gallery, Oslo


In the exhibition You have to draw the line somewhere Moldvaer explores subjects such as memory, history, place, and personal narratives drawing on both the analytical and the naive as equal tools of investigation to arrive at a series of works in text and textile. Within the exhibition there is a continues oscillation between that which is regarded as agreed upon and collective truths, and that which is felt and experienced personally, like a game that never ends, or rather in its nature is impossible to complete, the exhibition and the works within it branches out in every possible direction both through  the works themselves and through what you, as a viewer, bring with you when standing in front of each work. The textiles so meticulous sewn together, the literature, and the objects and materials creates an installation that continues through the viewer, where the exhibition’s questioning of memory, history, and place becomes a conversation that is understood just as much through the viewers own memories, knowledge and naivety as it is through the works in the exhibitions and the artist’s own intent.

Soft Gallery

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